Off-Track Repair

If your garage door has gone off track, All Over Garage Doors can come to the rescue and get to the bottom of the issue. We offer 24/7 emergency garage door repairs for this service all over the Los Angeles area.

What is a garage door track?

The track is the vertical ‘path’ your garage door follows when moving up and down to either open or close. Each garage door has its tracks on either side which it’s supposed to use every time for it to function safely and effectively. If the rollers on the door get out of this track then the door will need to be put back.

Signs that your garage door is off track

You can tell that your garage door is off track just by looking at it. One side will most likely be lower than the other. And on closer inspection, you might find that on one side of the door the wheels have come off the tracks. The garage door will be crooked, uneven, and it won’t open or close well.

What causes a garage door to go off-track?

  • Bent track – maybe the track got hit by a car or got dented after the door closed on an object.
  • Blocked track – could be caused by dirt or hardware around the garage.
  • Broken torsion/extension springs – These will cause the door to lag on one side and probably pop off the tracks on the other side.
  • Cable is off the drum on one end – This will cause the door to open unevenly and probably go off track.
  • Cable is broken/snapped on one end – The side with the broken cable will hang loosely without any support and the door will most likely go off track.

How an off track garage door is fixed

First we’ll inspect the door to correctly diagnose what the underlying cause it. It could be the cables, the springs, or a damaged track. Once identified we’ll repair the damage and this could in some cases entail replacing badly-damaged tracks. Afterwards we’ll align the tracks, clean them, and finally lubricate them.

What’s the cost of repairing an off track garage door?

The cost for this is about $250 but it could vary depending on your location and the extent of the damage. If the tracks have to be replaced that will definitely be an added cost. And if the panels of the garage door are damaged that too will inflate the cost.

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