Garage Door Installation

In our 10+ years of operation, All Over Garage Doors has installed hundreds of garage doors for residential home owners all over the state of California. We are familiar with most garage door models as well as the challenges involved when carrying out installations. If you want a reliable installation and longevity, talk to us about installing your next garage door.

What to consider before installing a new garage door

As you plan to install a garage door remember to consider several important factors such as:

  • The size of your garage and what size of door it can fit.
  • Whether you want a rolling door or a folding door.
  • Whether to install a manual or an automated door.
  • What design and material to choose for your door.
  • What garage door opener to pair up with your door.

What to consider when buying a garage door opener

A garage door opener automates your garage door and allows you to operate it with just the push of a button. This makes entering and exiting your garage simple, more convenient, and safer.

As you look around for a garage door opener, consider the following:

  • How much power does opening your door need?
  • How noisy is the opener when in operation?
  • Does the opener use a belt drive or a chain drive?
  • What convenience extras does the opener offer?

Not sure what to look for? We can help!

Our garage door installation process

First we’ll visit your site and evaluate the space and the design of your house. This will enable us to advice you on what type of door to install. Once you select a garage door we’ll take measurements of your garage door, transport the unit, install it, test it out, and then hand it over to you. It may sound simple but it can be a lengthy process especially is complications arise.

New CA law on battery backup for all new garage door installations

A new law in CA demands that all new garage door installations after July 1st 2019 must include battery backups. Are you aware for this?

What’s the cost of a garage door installation?

The average cost is about $800. However, certain factors can alter this figure. They include the size of the garage door being installed, the location of the client, and the type of door and opener.

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