Cable Repair

Garage door cables are a common cause for failed garage doors. However, we can help repair or replace your garage door cable(s) and get your unit back to normal working order.

What is a garage door cable?

All garage doors rely on cables to open and close. The garage door cables are high torsion-strength steel twine cables capable of withstanding great strain. They come in different lengths and thicknesses.

The right specifications for your garage door cables depend on your particular door. Please refer to the door manual for those details. Also, different cables from different manufacturers are of different quality. However, most come with S hooks for mounting to the top lift rail as well as length adjustment brackets.

Main issues affecting garage door cables

  1. The garage door cable could have come off the drum.
  2. The garage door cable could have snapped.
  3. The garage door cable could be worn/torn/frayed due to wear or damage.

Signs that your garage door has a damaged cable

  • The door falls/slams down without restraint.
  • The door is stuck open mid-way.
  • The door opens unevenly/ in a crooked manner.
  • The door squeaks while opening or closing.
  • The door opens rather slowly.

How damaged cables are fixed

If the cable has come off the drum, it can be rewound and put back without you having to buy another. The process involves disconnecting the door from the motor/power, bracing the door, unhooking the cable from the bottom bracket of the door, re-wounding the cable on the drum, and then re-attaching it to the door.

If the cable has snapped and is broken, it will need to be replaced. Getting the right size of cable for your door is important because these cables have to operate under tension. The wrong size of cable might not be strong enough or it might not balance the door well. The old cable then has to be unhooked from the door and the new one attached to the drum, wound, and attached to the door.

NB: Fixing and attaching garage door cables is a risky process that should be handled with care and using the correct tools and safety protection.

What’s the cost of a garage door cable repair?

The cost of fixing garage door cables varies from location to location. On average it should come to about 100 to 300 dollars. However, many different factors can push this cost forward, e.g. is the door damaged, do both cables need to be replaced, etc.

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