Garage Door Repair

Because of their frequent mechanical operation, garage doors will need to be fixed from time to time. It’s just a normal consequence of the daily tear and wear they go through. At All Over Garage Doors we are equipped and skilled enough to handle all types of garage door repairs. We offer a quick and reliable 24/7 emergency repair service all over Los Angeles.

Some of the common garage door repairs

Most garage door repairs revolve around:

  • Damaged garage door frame/panels.
  • Damaged cable.
  • Broken springs.
  • Off track doors.
  • Failed garage door openers.

Causes of garage door repairs

A damaged garage door frame/panel or track could be as a result of it being hit by an object, e.g. a car. Damaged cables are often as a result of tear and wear. In some cases it could be incorrect installation. Broken springs also break due to tear and wear; they are rated to only work for a certain duration of time. An off-track door could be having an obstruction or could be as a result of a damaged cable, a damaged track, a blocked track, and a bunch of other reasons. Garage door openers can also face issues such as damaged motors, and overheating. And if your garage door won’t close or the opener won’t function it could a problem with the sensors.

Once we come to your site, we can inspect the door, diagnose the problem, and tell the exact issue and what needs to be done about it.

How we handle garage door repairs

First we’ll carry out a site visit and diagnose the problem. Then we’ll provide you with an estimate which covers all the costs for the work. Once that is done we start on the actual repair process. We have the right replacement parts for cables, drums, rollers, shafts, springs, tracks, and more. We’ll repair or replace, test out the door, clean up the site and then leave the site to our happy customers.

What’s the cost of a garage door repair?

This always depends on the specific nature of the repair. Some repairs cost as little as $80 while others cost as much as $1,000. To keep your repair costs low always call a professional to sort a damaged garage door immediately you notice a problem.

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